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Best of SELSE

Friday, July 1st, 2016, 11:00 – 12:30

Chair: Alan Wood (Oracle, US) - Room: Examens

A Unified Framework for Error Correction Techniques in On-Chip Memories

Fred Sala (UCLA, US), Henry Duwe (UIUC, US), Lara Dolecek (UCLA, US), and Rakesh Kumar (UIUC, US)

Software-Defined Error-Correcting Codes

Mark Gottscho, Clayton Schoeny, Lara Dolecek, and Puneet Gupta (UCLA, US)

CLEAR: Cross-Layer Exploration for Architecting Resilience - Combining Hardware and Software Techniques to Tolerate Soft Errors in Processor Cores

Eric Cheng, Shahrzad Mirkhani (Stanford, US); Lukasz Szafaryn (U. Virginia, US), Chen-Yong Cher (IBM Research, US), Hyungmin Cho (Stanford, US), Kevin Skadron,  Mircea Stan (U. Virginia, US); Klas Lilja (Robust Chip, US), Jacob Abraham (UT Austin, US), Pradip Bose (IBM Research, US), and Subhasish Mitra (Stanford, US)


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