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Please do not register without reading the registration information

All DSN-2016 registered attendees, will receive mid of June a message (using the e-mail address you have registered) to enter their choice of Workshops, Tutorials (if already paid), as well as other information required to access the restricted access conference site. Please be prepared to respond to that message, otherwise, you will not be allowed to access the conference site. Thank you.

For IEEE members, please send your IEEE affiliation number to with a copy of the IEEE card, then go to on-line registration. Your registration will not be validated without reception of the copy of your IEEE card.

For students, please send a copy of your valid Student ID card to then go to on-line registration.

If attending the conference, registration for tutorials is in the supplemental list, with the extra tickets for welcome reception, and for the museum visit and banquet.

For CNRS members, please do not enter any choice in the “Information CNRS” field, otherwise your registration will not be valid.

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