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The 21st century society relies on computing systems more than ever. At the same time researchers and practitioners are faced with growing dependability challenges, from manufacturing technology to hardware and software development, networking, integration of complex systems, and cyber-security. The industry track provides a forum for industry and academia interaction, as well as presentation of R&D and operational challenges, practical solutions, case studies, and sharing of field dependability data.

 Industry contributions to the DSN scientific community are welcome to address any dependability issue related to either the development process or operation of critical systems as seen from an industrial perspective. The state of the practice often highlights new challenges, encountered obstacles on applying novel solutions, and real world lessons about operation of dependable systems and networks.

 Topics of Interest

The topics of interest target several aspects of dependable systems and networks development:
  • Hardware (e.g., VLSI, FPGA, and SOC)
  • Technology (e.g., FinFET, nanotechnology, and soft errors, obsolescence of HW components)
  • Networks (e.g., networks on chip, optical networks, and wireless networks)
  • Software (e.g., applications, middleware, and operating systems)
  • Security (e.g., hardware and software cyber-security, and network security)
  • Safety (e.g., autonomous critical systems/objects, evolutive systems, car-to-X, plane-to-X systems)
  • Field data (e.g. hardware and software fault/error data)
  • Applications (e.g., embedded systems, drive by wire, and driverless cars)
 The Industry Track aims in particular at promoting and fostering discussion on advanced current work in an industrial context, feedback from experiments, scalability issues regarding recent techniques, novel technology related problems, etc. 
The objective of this track is not to compete with the main DSN track, where finalized research and development work is reported, but the objective is to give the members of industrial and academic communities the opportunity to discuss hot topics regarding the future of dependable systems and networks, share experience among different industrial domains and/or in different contexts:
  • Dependability Issues in Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Cyber-physical Systems Dependability
  • Safety and Security of Intelligent Vehicles
  • Dependability Assessment of Complex Systems
  • Clouds, Data Centers and Virtual Machines’ Dependability
  • Dependability and Security of System Operation
  • Fault-tolerance for Extreme Scale Systems
  • Trustworthiness of Smart Grids

Submission Guidelines
Contributions are accepted in two formats:

  • Position papers can focus on specific dependability aspects in practice, either a product or service offered to the market, and dependability analysis tools.
  • Short papers shall emphasize dependability challenges, practical solutions, tradeoffs, strengths and weaknesses of adopted solutions, lessons learned, and field add/or measured data.
The papers must be written in English, 1 page for position papers,  2 to 4 pages for the short papers (IEEE double-column format). Papers must be submitted in their final form. All accepted papers will be published in the DSN supplemental volume and made available in IEEE Xplore. They will be presented in dedicated sessions.
Contributions (in pdf) are to be submitted by email to
Important Dates
• Submission deadline: March 21, 2016
• Notification: April 18, 2016
• Camera ready paper: April 28, 2016
• Industry Track date: June 29, 2016
Industrial Track Chairs

Cristian Constantinescu (AMD, US)
cristian.constantinescu [at]

Jean-Charles Fabre (INP-ENSEEIHT & LAAS-CNRS, FR)
Jean-Charles.Fabre [at]

Program Committee

Jean-Paul Blanquart  Airbus Defence & Space (FR)
Vikas Chandra – ARM (US)
Gabriella Carrozza – SELEX (IT)
Simon Fuerst – BMW (DE)
Philip Koopman – CMU (US)
Charles Lahorgue – ESA (NL)
Nektarios Leontiadis – Facebook (US)
Brendan Murphy – Microsoft (UK)
Keun Soo Yim – Google (US)
Mario Tokoro – Sony (JP)
Pascal Traverse – Airbus Group (FR)
Timothy Tsai – Nvidia (US)
Alan Wood – Oracle (US) 


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